24 01 2008

Stay Tuned….

Please Wait…

Stat tuned, “Scrapmate” is currently working out very hard in the labs to come out with more exciting and powerful features.So, keep an eye on this blog to grab the new release and have fun….


Better By Adobe

24 01 2008

Adobe . . .

  – The company that is being admired by millions of creative professionals and knowledge workers around the world

  – The company that is revolutionizing the way the world engages with Ideas & Information anytime, anywhere and through any media

  – The company that is producing the fabulous software and driving Web 2.0 revolution with stunning Rich Internet Application development tools

  – The company that is leading the industry with advanced solutions and new advanced business models that are attracting and inspiring customers

    And the list goes on and on . . . .

    So, let’s stop it here and have a look at these wonderful products though a cool application . . .

    Click here to play with this application.

    Adobe Products

    Hello World 2.0h !

    24 01 2008

    Watta Wonderful World 2.0 !!!

    Yes it is. Web is transforming the world of internet by bringing in Rich Internet Applications, Mashups, Blogs, Comminities, Social networking, Folksonomies and so on.

    So, I would be dedicating this blog to write about my passion towards Web, RIAs & User experience.

    I will try my best to make the content as much exciting, interesting and helpful as possible to RIA Developers around the world.

    Now, lets gear up and dive into the wonderful world of RIA.