24 01 2008

Stay Tuned….

Please Wait…

Stat tuned, “Scrapmate” is currently working out very hard in the labs to come out with more exciting and powerful features.So, keep an eye on this blog to grab the new release and have fun….





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24 01 2008
Hemanth Sharma

This is just amazing. 🙂

First of all, nice to see your much awaited blog!

I am eager to use this application. Please release it soon to us Srini!

And surely hoping and demanding many new features for your next release. Don’t miss them!!

– Hemanth

24 01 2008

This is an amazing app Srini – Great Job –

. Syncing offline scraps
. scrap history

would be great additions

24 01 2008

Nice to see your Blog..

Yet to try the “scrapmate” will do it soon

– G

24 01 2008

Hey Srini, great work! i just now installed and scrapped you from in there 🙂
i will have many feature requests for you soon..he he
keep up the great work!

25 01 2008

sriniyos… 🙂
koool ra…!!
yet2 download it(home net)..but its promisng alredy …. keep postng….


28 01 2008

Nice work dude..

28 01 2008
30 01 2008
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24 02 2008

Hi, this application is very cool Mr. Srinivas. Thank you

25 03 2008

Dude this is a killer app for sure.

25 03 2008
Abhinav Kishore


Excellent app and more than the utility of the app, its the concept of bringing together the potential of the internet and the desktop that is amusing. Anyways, a few suggestions to make the app more useful:

1. Was disappointing to see that I had to go back to the beta version of AIR to run the app. Can we please have a version compatible with the latest release of AIR ?

2. Will the app work on proxy connections ? And behind firewalls ? I usually browse on my college network which has a proxy. Since I didn’t see any proxy settings tab, I’m assuming that it won’t detect the net connection in that case..

3. Can the scrap balloon also show links to the profiles, albums and scrapbooks of the users ? It’ll be really convenient…

4. Can the resolution of the images be improved ? Or maybe the edges smoothened at least 🙂 ?

Once again.. great app… keep up the good work !


26 03 2008

Thanks for your comments Abhinav.

Scrapmate was released with January which is well before the AIR 1.0 release. So, it is still on AIR Beta 3 build. I’m currently working on version 2 of Scrapmate which will be released with in a week. Scrapmate 2.0 will have many exciting features along with AIR 1.0 support. So, look forward for it.

I would definitely consider your other 3 points and implement in the future versions.

Thanks once again.

27 07 2009

Nice Article !

9 10 2009
Divyesh Panchal

I am a flex developer and i want to create application like photo album with facility to create end no of pages/slide user can drag drop images to slide and allow user to rotate, crop, resize, and save the project later on can be modify slides/pages.

Please can u help me or suggest site where i can buy this kind of component and develop such application.

Sir please help me……..

Divyesh Panchal

21 10 2009
Srinivas Annam

Hi Divyesh, there is no in-built component in Flex which can do all these. You can easily implement one of your own by extending / using below techniques. These links will be a good starting point.

Let me know incase you get stuck in any specific area.

20 01 2010

Hi Srinivas,

I am a flex developer. Wanted to create an application similar to scrapmate with orkut. Where can get the Orkut API and How can i get started ? Can you help me in this..


10 03 2010
Srinivas Annam

Hi Ravi, There is no API provided by Orkut at this point of time. I initially did it by parsing the HTML DOM which is incorrect. So, you got to wait until Orkut exposes its APIs.

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