CricketCentre – Cricket on your desktop

9 06 2008

Although Cricket is played by a few countries in the world, it is a religion in the Indian sub-continent and followed by millions in India alone.

Thanks to Twenty20 cricket & IPL tournament, the craze has increased lot more in the recent days and added lot more glamour to the game.

Even though we are Web 2.0 world, people watching cricket match through internet portals miss the excitement of game due to plain vanilla interface.

However this can be changed using RIA technologies and many aspects of watching a match live such as chatting with friends, participating in contests, enjoying charts and graphics can all be brought to user following through internet as well.

So, brings you “CricketCentre”, the next generation of Cricketing experience to your desktop through Adobe AIR. This is a Rich Internet Application developed using Adobe Flex and runs on your desktop using Adobe AIR.

Home Page –

Feature Demo –

                                    CricketCentre Screenshot


1) Realtime ball-by-ball score updates

2) Full & Mini-Scorecards

3) System tray & Pop-up notifications

4) Live Analytics & Statistics

5) Player profiles

6) Express Emotions

7) Gossip with friends

8 ) Watch Videos, News and lot more…

So, go a head and experience it…




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