Refreshingly new Flex Calendar controls

1 07 2008

Flex is a very flexible language and I’m here to prove it again.

Today, I’m posting these two new cute flex calendar controls which uses inbuilt “CalendarLayout” class for functionality and has a completely new layout and interface defined in MXML.

I’m open sourcing these components and you are allowed to edit / use them in your projects with no restrictions.

So, go a head, have fun with these components and unleash your creativity bring out more cooler calendars.

Refreshing Flex Calendar Controls

Click here to Download Component / Source

Dear Readers, Please feel free to send me your Feedback / New Component Requests through comments or email.




20 responses

1 07 2008
Pat Buchanan

Hey these look great! Thanks for sharing. As far as your licensing goes, what model is it – I’m guessing MIT?

Here is a great link I found today that explains the differences, and it really opened up my eyes to this. So, I’m going to start asking before using. 🙂

Srinivas, thanks again for sharing your time and talents!

9 12 2009

Very good ,thanks

2 07 2008

Thanks to Pat Buchanan for bringing up this topic.

I’m releasing these component source under “Public Domain” license and you are allowed to use it with/without changes in any of your personal/commercial projects.

2 07 2008

very nice looking … thanks

28 07 2008

Really great job !!

24 09 2008

too cool…thanx fr sharing…

4 10 2008
Mallikarjun Peddagolla

good job ….Thanks for sharing

16 11 2008
Dan Orlando

Cool man…it always puts a smile on my face when i see someone take a Flex component and make it NOT look and act so much like the original Flex component that it was derived from. Nice job man, and keep up the creativity.

20 02 2009

Right link to the source is now updated.

23 02 2009
Frank Krul

Excellent work! These not only look modern, but is an excellent practice towards making accessible RIA components for the visually impaired.


21 04 2009

Is it possible to make the holidays as different color and also selectable.
Since i used disabledRanges to change the color, i was not able to select it.
Can we able to do this.


21 10 2009
Srinivas Annam

Yes, Its possible. Please have a look at the sample posted here

14th & 18th are treated as Holidays in the sample. You can get the holiday list dynamically and use the same logic.

Let me know if you get stuck somewhere.

8 06 2009
Jemmy Lai

Dear Srinivas,

Nice work with the customized layout of CalendarLayout!
One question, what if I wanted to customize the dayBlocksArray and the UITextField?
I have managed to extract the dayNumber (UITextField.text) using getChildAt.
However, how can I replace the UITextField’s in the dayBlocksArray with another UIObject of my own?

–Jemmy Lai

21 10 2009
Srinivas Annam

Yes Jemmy, you can very much do that. You can either replace the UITextField with a new one or change the properties/styles of existing UITextField (recommended).

Please look at a similar sample here

11 08 2009

Great Going Srini

29 08 2009

Thatz awesome…very nice to have it.. Thanx

15 09 2009

Hi Srini,

I found this
FLEXDMV-784 Drag and drop non functional when selectionMode=”multipleCells”

is fixed. where do i get the patch for it. or how do I use it in my project which is using Flex 3.2.0


15 09 2009
Srinivas Annam

Hi Hemanth,

This bug was closed with status as “Deferred” which means that this bug is not fixed yet. It will be re-opened in later releases based on the number of votes this bug gets.

So, do remember to vote & watch for this bug. Also ask other developers who are facing this problem to vote for it.

Srinivas Annam

15 10 2009

i want to show holiday date as different color.with tool tip as reason for holiday on that date. please help me if you can.

21 10 2009
Srinivas Annam

Hi Prasad, you can do that easily with these components. Have a look at the sample shared at

I have hard coded 14th & 18th as holidays in this sample and changed the font color to red with tooltip. But, you can feed the holiday list and reason as an array and handle it in “renderChildren()” function.

Hope this helps. Let me know incase you need any further assistance on this.

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