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1 08 2008

Great !!!,

Thanks for share it,



21 11 2008
Digital Doctor


Srinivas Annam, I would love to speak with you; about an AIR to Desktop app, much like your AIR to Screensaver app’. Do you think its possible, through AIR, to RSS a PDF straight to the desktop; so that the PDF becomes the desktop background.

Is it possible that a live PDF could actually serve as a desktop background.

If not, how about an AIR app (PDF displayer) that covers the entire desktop (in vector sharpness).

Holla back.

In Service of THE ONENESS,
Rafiki “The Digital Doctor” Cai

21 11 2008

Hi Rafiki,

The Approach 1 ( Setting as background wallpaper ) is not possible by using Adobe AIR alone.

But, we can definitely do the Approach 2 ( Full Screen, Vector clartiy PDF )

Please send an email to my personal ID ( for further discussion.

– Srinivas Annam

13 01 2009
Justin S

I have been looking and looking for some simple code to show the system tray with menus. Thanks!

16 01 2010
Tahir Alvi

This is very helpful for


3 02 2010

well i have downloaded your source code but its giving following error:-

unable to open ‘D:\test2\SWFMyScreenSource\ScreensaverSample\libs’

10 03 2010
Srinivas Annam

This is a know issue by zipping the project. You can just add a blank new folder by name “libs” inside your project and that should do the trick.

16 03 2010
Meenakshi negi

Great work!!!!!!!
really helpful.thanks to share it.

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