Mac Dashboard Style Calendar control in Flex

20 11 2008

Hello People,  Welcome back.

Its good to start blogging again after many days. I was very busy working on the next version of Flex i.e. Gumbo. I’m kinda free now after releasing the MAX Preview release of Gumbo. So, here I’m starting to share interesting stuff again.

Demos, Tutorials, Videos, Interesting applications and lots of other cool stuff to show you all. So, stay tuned to this blog to see all these

And, Thanks a ton for your all your comments and feedback on my earlier post on “Refreshingly new Flex Calendar controls” that really encouraged me to add one more to the list i.e MAC Dashboard style calendar along with source.

MAC Style Flex Calendar

Click here to download Component / Source




4 responses

20 02 2009

Right link to the source is now updated.

14 06 2009
Ashish Patel

It is really nice component……

29 06 2009

i want to highlight some dates when it is loaded. is this possible??

30 06 2009

Yes, it is possible to do that. Add the below function in CustomCalenar1.mxml or CustomCalendar2.mxml or CustomCalendar3.mxml file.

And call this function like this “setTimeout(renderChildren,250);” at the end of “initComponent()” & “dateChange()” events.

public function renderChildren():void
var obj:Object;

for(var i:int=0;i<dateGrid.numChildren;i++)
if(obj.text != "" && obj.text != "S" && obj.text != "M" && obj.text != "T" && obj.text != "W" && obj.text != "T" && obj.text != "F" && obj.text != "S")

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