iCheckBox – iPhone style Switch component for Flex

13 11 2009

iPhone has revolutionized the way world looks at Smart Phones. Apart from that, it had also set a new standard for Usability on phones & softwares in general.

I’m a huge fan of iPhone and I truly believe in it’s usability. Taking inspiration from it, I’m planning to port some of the iPhone components on to Flex and make it available for FREE.

Here is the first component in this series called iCheckBox. Its an equivalent to “Switch” component iPhone with more flexibility for controlling Labels, Width & Animation.

You can download the component,sample and source from here

Let me know how you like it or request any other interesting components that you want.

iCheckBox Component Preview




8 responses

13 11 2009
AIR 2, Microsoft future UI and iCheckbox at Entrepreneur Geek

[…] Srinivas Annam has built an iPhone style switch component for Flex – iCheckbox. Looks nice and is worth a try. I am sure users find it easier to use than a checkbox. […]

28 11 2009

I like this.
However, I can’t compile it in Flex 3.2, is it only work on Flex 4? Any hints.


4 12 2009
Srinivas Annam

I have uploaded new SWCs to fix the issue. Please try & let me know.

3 12 2009

Hi Srinivas,

This is really cool and I was excited to try it. Unfortunately, Flex Builder 3 (with Flex SDK 3.4) is saying…

“1045: Interface IToggleButton was not found.”

Not sure why. Is there some other library that I need? Any thoughts?

4 12 2009
Srinivas Annam

Uploaded new SWC & source to fix the issue with Flex 3.2

4 12 2009

Thanks! That did it (I was actually using 3.2; my mistake). Love this component!

22 12 2009
Debabrata Acharjee

Nice concept and source of inspiration. I am a great fan iPhone usability too. Looking forward to more on this.

7 05 2010

Great component!!!

Nice work guy!

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