IMAP/POP Email validation in AIR/Flex

22 04 2008

I was developing an AIR application recently and wanted to validate the email credentials of the user.

I searched a lot and could not get any component, library or code snippet available to do this in Flash/Flex/AIR.

So, I thought of developing a small library of my own and sharing it with the community. And here it is…

IMAP/POP Email Validator

This is a small set of class library which Flex/AIR developers can use to validate any IMAP or POP email logins. This does NOT use Coldfusion or LCDS server in the backend. This connects to given IMAP/POP server using Flash Socket and executes required commands to validate the login.


E-Mail Validator Example Screenshot

Checkout the above Sample ( Save the SWF locally and play with it )

Download source

Due to cross domain restrictions in Flash Player, when this application is hosted on any domain other than mail server’s domain, a “crossdomain.xml” file needs to be configured and kept on the mail server.

But, this issue does not come in AIR based applications and Flex applications that are running locally.

So, grab a copy, check out the samples and try it with your Intranet/Internet apps..


360 degree Video in Flash

25 02 2008

Just have a look at this mind-blowing peice of technology. This is just amazing to navigate through a video in
360 degrees.

This is captured using special 3D Camera and fully decoded & rendered using Flash & BitmapData API.

Just think of a world where Sports matches or movies or TV Serials are delivered using this technology.

I just can’t wait to see the future of this technology.

Click here to experience this ( Football & New-york city are my personal favorites )

360 Degree Video

360 Degree Video